Month: June 2016

At World Trade Center Site, Ronald O. Perelman Donates $75 Million for NYC Arts Complex

Less than a year since he stepped down as the chairman of Carnegie Hall after clashing with its staff, Ronald O. Perelman, the billionaire businessman, announced Wednesday that he was donating $75 million to revive plans to build a performing arts center at the World Trade Center site. — The New York Times


Hey Britain, We Won’t Tell You How Big Your Bananas Should Be

By David R. Wheeler, Editor

The European Union went overboard on regulations, micromanaging every minor detail of business and trade in the United Kingdom, including the appropriate curvature for bananas. The UK was sick of it, so they left. Is now the time for the United Kingdom to merge with the United States? I explore the idea in a tongue-and-cheek piece for CNN.


Bottoms Up: Recipes for 5 of the Best Martinis

World Martini Day was June 19, and what better way to celebrate than by mixing up your own? But this isn’t a boring old “shaken not stirred” situation—no, these martinis are next-level, and it’s all thanks to you. Here, a primer on the most-searched martini recipes. Bottoms up. — Esquire


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