Month: September 2018

The ‘Future of Work’

The “Future of Work” community conversation Wednesday evening at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg.

From left, Times columnist Graham Brink, Hari Sreenivasan of the PBS NewsHour and Allen Blue of LinkedIn.


At Home with Michael Kors

A tour of the famous fashion designers Greenwich Village apartment.

Content and video courtesy of Architectural Digest.


Project an Image of Success Every Day

Look like power, success and results with these fashion tips.
By Patty Soltis, Guest Columnist
iStock photo courtesy of STYLEdge®


TECO Public Art Gallery Hosts ‘Black and White’ Exhibit

Artist Jake Fernandez will host a “talk and tour” at the gallery from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Sept. 28. 

 “Dark Waters Rapids I” by Jake Fernandez; Conte Crayon on paper; located on the signature wall of the gallery/Photo by Debra Radke/via the TECO Public Art Gallery


A Corey Dylan Video Interview: Mayor Dick Greco

In Corey’s fascinating interview, the former Tampa Mayor, who celebrated his 85th birthday on Sept. 14., vividly reveals two deeply personal moments that profoundly influenced his decades of public service.

Reported and filmed by Corey Dylan for AliveTampaBay.


This Morning in Tampa

Bold colors paint the morning sky today near Boy Scout Blvd. in Tampa/Photo by Chris Barlow for AliveTampaBay.

Welcome to Tampa

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