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  • Edgy and Cool: A Line-Up Haircut

    A striking style for men.

    Photo courtesy of Patty Soltis of STYLEdge®

  • Polls and the Big Mo

    Are we focusing on the wrong public opinion polls?

    Image by Matthias Wewering from Pixabay

  • Weekend Box Office Win: ‘Midway’

    The film is now playing in Tampa Bay area theaters.

    Video trailer courtesy of Movieclips Trailers

  • Talking Politcs

    State political party chairs Terrie Rizzo, D, left, Joe Gruters, R, and Steve Contorno, Times political editor, Wednesday in St. Petersburg.

  • A Trillion Dollar Question

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a presidential candidate, has proposed at least 40 new programs costing trillions of dollars.

    Commentary by Greg C. Truax

    Image by Jae Rue from Pixabay

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