Reaching for the Sky: Our Video Interview with Susana Weymouth

Susana Weymouth, executive director of the TBBCA, offers an insider perspective on the arts and culture in the Tampa Bay community in an engaging interview with AliveTampaBay Editor David R. Wheeler.

Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture & the Arts is a nonprofit organization that bridges merchants, entrepreneurs and corporations with artists and arts institutions to build thriving communities. Each year, the organization’s Impact Awards honor men and women who have gone above and beyond to support local arts and culture.

Over the next few weeks, AliveTampaBay will be publishing profiles of the Impact Award Honorees — distinguished individuals and businesses chosen for recognition by Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture & the Arts.

Honorees will be commemorated in four categories: the Patron of Culture & the Arts Impact Award, Business Impact Award, Individual Impact Award and International Artistic Achievement Award. This year’s Impact Awards will be given out at a dinner gala at the Dali Museum on Thursday, Oct. 20.  Visit for details.

Video interview by David R. Wheeler and photographed and edited by Wyatt Weymouth.

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