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Neon is a fall trend/iStock photo courtesy of  STYLEdge®


By Patty Soltis, Guest Columnist

When growing up I vividly remember combing through the September issues of fashion magazines that arrived in August with all of the trends for the fall season.   Hours were spent flipping the glossy pages of the magazines and formulating what I wanted to wear.  Even though I wore a uniform to school, there were basketball games, dances, and parties to think about when adding to my wardrobe and deciding exactly how I wanted to wear my clothes.

Early on, my style was defined in the preppy era, which even then had definition and  cutting edge, helped  from the hours spent with my magazines, models and fashion.  Fast forward to today, fall trends remain exciting, and this is the time of the year when the new fashions begin to arrive in stores and online.

Influencers and fast fashion have pushed fashion to the forefront.  This fall season is the first season that the trends are androgynous for both men and women, interpreted for each gender.  There are always the forever trends of animal print and metallic.  Beyond that, the beauty of what we see on the runway can be translated to the Five Modes of Attire:   Everyday Professional, High Impact Meeting, Day to Dinner, Business Casual and Weekend Wear.

 For those of us who remember the style of the 1980’s, there are some reflections of that in today’s trends.  Big shoulders, bold colors and neon are all prevalent.  While wearing a neon shirt to the office may be a little much, you can add a bit of piping to your shirt or the cuff.  Bold colors speak loudly, but if bold is just too loud for you, simply add a hint of it to your attire, perhaps in the lining of your jacket.

Scarves are back for the fall season and there are so many ways to add them to all Five Modes of Attire.  A foulard or paisley print are ideal choices.  For women, add a scarf to your handbag, and for men, a pocket square is simply fabulous.

Athleisure continues to add to the fashion scene.  For this fall, it is bringing back attire reminiscent of the varsity appeal.  Primary colors and bold stripes are part of this; add a rugby shirt to your look for the weekend. For a sporty look at work with Everyday Professional, balance your primary colors by mixing and matching.

Folklore is back. Think about the wholesomeness of a Midwest farm. A bit of embellishment could update the garment.  Think in the muted colors of red, green and blue.  Western wear is making a resurgence.  To be subtle, add a bit of turquoise in your jewelry.  For men, add  plaid or denim, especially for Business Casual and Weekend Wear.  A bit of fringe could make it work as well.

Western wear with denim/iStock photo courtesy of  STYLEdge®

Not much is more chic than all white and we are seeing that trend continue into fall from the spring season. My advice is to not move your white to the back of your closet — continue to wear it.  And don’t’t be afraid to add a bit of color!  For Day to Dinner for women, wear a soft satin shirt that drapes.  Not much is more professional for a man than a crisp white dress shirt worn with a navy blazer and red pocket square to stay updated.  If you dare, wear the blazer with white trousers to capitalize on the trend. After all, we do live in a tropical climate.

All white continues as a fall trend/iStock photo courtesy of  STYLEdge®

Much like white, floral is transitioning into fall for a trend.  Fall floral’s are a little darker, which we have seen  through the years.  Think about almost a goth feel with a black background in the fabric and deep red floral’s, perhaps with thorns to add a twist in the print of your garment.

My favorite trend is the resurgence of the influence of Saville Row.  How fabulous for your professional attire than herringbone, glen plaid and houndstooth are back!  It is lovely that this is now prevalent as a way to stay updated and look prepared in these somber colors for a High Impact Meeting.  Look for the influence of Saville Row in lightweight fabrics like tropical weight wool to stay cool while the Florida weather remains warm.

Saville Row Trend with Folklore lapel pin/iStock photo courtesy of  STYLEdge®

Just a quick mention about the outerwear trends for those of you who plan to travel north.  Look for shearling coats, either fully lined or partially lined.  Oversized outerwear in an overcoat or topcoat is big for this fall season.

Even now, with all of the social media, influencers and videos, the idea of spending an afternoon carefully paging through the fashion magazines to take in the fall trends and see how the editors have put their stories and photos together is so enticing.  Make your list of what you want to add to your wardrobe this fall, and take the trends from the runway to the real way with confidence.

Patty Soltis/Photo courtesy of  STYLEdge®

Patty Soltis has spent the last three years as a frequently sought-after image consultant who specializes in working with alpha business leaders to match their brand with a credible and professional image.  She worked in retail for 27 years and was the general manager at the prominent retailers Lord & Taylor and Marshall Fields.  Patty worked for nearly 14 years at Neiman Marcus, mainly as their vice president.  She has worked with thousands of professionals over decades of change on their timeless image.  Patty can be seen on television and heard on radio and podcast shows.  She has been in media in print and online regularly as an expert.  She is the author of First Impressions Last, a book for the professional woman to exude confidence, power and skill with her attire.

Her Five Modes of Professional Attire give the client an impression to start the journey to competence, power and success.  Most of all, her clients make an impression that exudes leadership, achievement and results as an industry leader.  As a professional speaker, Patty communicates how to dress for success in a candid and interactive manner.  She educates and trains her audience how to put the Five Modes of Professional Attire into their life with ease and simplicity.  Patty points out items to invest in for a “cost per wear” return and how to shop on a budget.

Be powerful, be impressive, be memorable.





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