First-Graders’ Paintings Now Hanging at the Met

For the past decade, The Met has hosted a group exhibition entitled “P.S. Art,” a reference to public schools in New York City. The art comes from a variety of media highlighting the creativity and skill that comes from public art education programs in and around New York.

“On opening night, the young artists were given lanyards to distinguish them from the hundreds of visitors clamoring to get a glimpse of the work,” notes the HuffPost. “Visitors were encouraged to approach any and all lanyard-wearers, providing the ever-rare opportunity to discuss an artwork on display at The Met with its maker.”

This year 103 artworks were selected, including a first-grader’s Picasso-like depiction of the Statue of Liberty, as well as a 12th-grader’s wildly realistic sculpted bust titled “Self As Alexander.”

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