Renowned NYC Art House Theater to Close

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

The Lincoln Plaza Cinema on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a popular movie theater for more than three decades, is set to close next month, according to The New York Times.

“The art house movie theater, whose operators have been credited with introducing certain independent and foreign films to the likes of Susan Sontag and Woody Allen, is set to close in January after the building’s owner declined to renew its lease,” the Times reports.

The rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon has threatened not just art-house movie theaters but mainstream ones as well. Ivan Tabarez, the assistant manager at Lincoln Plaza, told the Times he was not surprised the theater would be closing.

“You work here long enough and you see how things are going,” said Tabarez, 28. “Younger folks are not really into it. They’re more into ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Iron Man.’”

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