See These Artists at the Michael Murphy Gallery

Make time this week to visit the Michael Murphy Gallery, located at 2701 South MacDill Ave. in Tampa. Artists whose work is currently displayed include the following: Henry Miller, Irina Russkol, Jeff Lange, Shane Pendley, Martha Marshall, Doug Bloodworth, Ben Brummerhop, Don Bradshaw, and Alex Charriol.

Also featured is Robin Austin, a master of the photo mosaic. Austin “has always been a storyteller — whether earlier in his career, branding successful global companies, or now creating a rich landscape of images of our shared cultural heritage,” the Michael Murphy website notes. “Each work is a visual celebration of moments captured in time. You never look at the same image in the same way twice. Each look reveals a facet of the story anew. It’s all there: movies, music, fashion, sex, sports, politics, current events — the iconic stuff that shapes our lives.”

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