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By Patty Soltis, Guest Columnist

Ahhhh! It’s finally the weekend and you get to rest and relax after a busy week at work. I find that sentence funny even as I write it. Let’s face it, there is still so much to do on the weekend. Your kids have activities, you have to attend a charity dinner on Saturday night, followed by brunch with the besties on Sunday.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. It is not ok to wear your yoga pants anywhere outside of the yoga studio or the gym. Flip flops are to be worn when you are getting a pedicure, to the beach or the pool.

Secondly, and this has happened to all of us, you run into someone you know when you are out and about. Each of us lives in a small community located in the Tampa Bay area where we run into someone who we know personally, or someone sees us who knows someone we know. If this is going to happen — and it will! — it has to happen while you’re still looking great!


For both men and women, jeans  are an excellent option and are available in so many varieties.  First component of this is to find jeans that fit your body, then buy several pair of the same style in multiple washes and colors.  The most amazing features of jeans are the lyrca that stretches and the many weights available for our warm climate.

There are skinny, straight leg, and boot cut for both men and women.  Then for women, the choices include cropped, wide leg, boyfriend and flare. You will want different types for different occasions.

A denim wardrobe needs to consist of light, medium and dark jeans, which will take you  from running errands to a dinner date.  Layer your denim in colors and prints  to give variety to your weekend look.

A question that I’m frequently asked about is distressed jeans.  My view is that they are fine on the weekends with the distressing at the knee, the mid-thigh to the mid-calf and sometimes even on the hem.


Pants come in a variety of styles, much like jeans.  They are skinny and wide, cropped and long, solid and print, add in bold colors and subtle shades for pants.  Pick the one that is best for you. All of them in your wardrobe need to be flat front, no pleats here either.  This is crucial for men.

They will come in a variety of fabrics; lightweight to take you through the heat of summer and with more weight and a tighter weave of fabric for the winter months.  A pair of beach pants with a drawstring waist in flowing linen is invaluable.  Wear this stylish look to the beach, and if you wear them while running errands on the weekend, it will give the illusion that you just stepped off your yacht.  For the athleisure look, wear a pair that has a stripe or two or three down the side of the pant leg.


Shorts, huh??????  Like everything else in your wardrobe, shorts are about fit, proportion, and length.  Like pants, these should be flat front.  Length is the big question here.  Look for something that is appropriately covering your leg, and when trying them on, sit and check the length, a tip for both men and women.

Like pants, shorts should be flat in front without pleats/iStock photo courtesy of STYLEdge

Skirts, Dresses and Leggings

The next paragraph is for the women.  The weekend is the time to bring out your skirts, dresses and leggings with more whimsy; you are having fun, let your clothing reflect that.

Do not forget about leggings. They are an amazing option for the weekend. Make sure that your behind is covered. Tunics are the best to pair with leggins and you can layer a 3/4 length sweater or duster that comes down to the knee of varying weights.  Another good option is to try textured leggings.  Think about a pair of crushed velvet.


The variety of tops that you want to layer is up to you.  There are button downs, pull overs, polos, T-shirts and so much more to choose from.  The vintage
T-shirt is just perfect during the day, then layer a jacket over it for something in the evening.  Add a hoodie for the athleisure look or a zipper to keep it sporty.  A big question here is tucked versus untucked?  That is really up to you, but it is always, always neater to have your shirt tucked in.

Since we just had our first dose of Florida winter, how about a nice sweater?  For sweaters, there are crew necks, boat necks, v-necks, mock and turtlenecks in pull overs.  Button down and zipper sweaters will have a crew neck, v-neck, shawl collar or mandarin.   There are a variety of weights from thin gauge cotton to multi- ply cashmere to the heavy weave of wool.


The weekend is the time to bring out your sandals and wear them, but make sure that your toes are pedicured — yes, for men also.

Sneakers are a wonderful option for the weekend and they are now available in so many looks.  Match your sneakers to your outfit; sometimes they can be a wonderful surprise when you contrast them. Your sneakers need to be clean and immaculate, and worn with no-show socks for that extra cool look.

Have fun but remember, you still want to look your best.  Be powerful, impressive and memorable as a weekend warrior!

Patty Soltis/Photo courtesy of  STYLEdge®

Patty Soltis has spent the last three years as a frequently sought-after image consultant who specializes in working with alpha business leaders to match their brand with a credible and professional image.  She worked in retail for 27 years and was the general manager at the prominent retailers Lord & Taylor and Marshall Fields.  Patty worked for nearly 14 years at Neiman Marcus, mainly as their vice president.  She has worked with thousands of professionals over decades of change on their timeless image.  Patty can be seen on television and heard on radio and podcast shows.  She has been in media in print and online regularly as an expert.  She is the author of “First Impressions Last”, a book for the professional woman to exude confidence, power and skill with her attire.

Her Five Modes of Professional Attire give the client an impression to start the journey to competence, power and success.  Most of all, her clients make an impression that exudes leadership, achievement and results as an industry leader.  As a professional speaker, Patty communicates how to dress for success in a candid and interactive manner.  She educates and trains her audience how to put the Five Modes of Professional Attire into their life with ease and simplicity.  Patty points out items to invest in for a “cost per wear” return and how to shop on a budget.

Be powerful, be impressive, be memorable.


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