Really, America?

By Joe Registrato, Contributing Editor
I spent the week like most people, I guess, trying to make sense of the fact that Americans have knowingly selected reality-show guy Donald Trump to be President of the United States.


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Editor’s Note: Joe Registrato’s After The Morning After column is Joe’s way of saluting and remembering Tom McEwen, the late, great Sports Editor of The Tampa Tribune, whose Morning After column was a staple of the original Tribune for more than 30 years.


Give Him the Nukes?

By Joe Registrato, AliveTampaBay Contributing Editor
It appears to me that Mr. Trump, finding himself falling precipitously in the polls, has spiraled into a kind of mental free-fall.


Love Is Blind

By Joe Registrato, AliveTampaBay Contributing Editor
I met a girl once when I was much younger and unattached and hadn’t been completely overwhelmed in a romantic sort of way by any girl yet.
Photo: Donald Trump

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