A Look at Election Year 2020

On the Point commentary by Greg C. Truax
Image by chayka1270 from Pixabay

Let’s  revisit election year 2020 in Florida.

This is Greg C. Truax with On the Point.

For Republicans, there were smiles all around.

Counter to some polls and many predictions, Republicans picked up two congressional seats.  They won 7 seats in the state house and added a state senate seat.

Interestingly, President Trump won Florida by a larger margin than four years ago.

But we are constantly told that demographic trends in Florida favor the democrats. In reality, 2020 was a banner GOP year in Florida partly because a growing percentage of Hispanic and African American voters are casting ballots for Republican candidates.

Florida statewide elections are often close. So even adding a relative small percentage of new voters to a political party’s coalition can make the winning difference on Election Day.

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Greg C. Truax is a documentary filmmaker and publisher of AliveTampaBay. His On the Point commentaries air weekly on WHBO 1140 AM.

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