Bungalow Terrace: A Tampa Treasure


By Jessica McKinney, Alive Tampa Bay Columnist

After living in Tampa for just over a year, I am still discovering all of its hidden treasures. Just last month, while giving my father a tour of Hyde Park Village on a beautiful spring afternoon, we found ourselves turning off of Rome Avenue on to a side street where I had never been before.

Looking across the street, I spotted a historical marker and crossed to see what it was. We had unwittingly stumbled upon Bungalow Terrace, a charming enclave of colorful homes dating back to 1913. More than a dozen quaint bungalows are dotted along an enclosed walkway, forming a small community that was once home to many writers, including Alec Waugh. Brother of famed novelist Evelyn Waugh, Alec Waugh wrote the bestseller Island in the Sun, published in 1955.

I was so enchanted with Bungalow Terrace. When visiting the street again, friendly neighbors and their puppies greeted me, proving that Bungalow Terrace is a welcoming place.


A historical marker explains the significance of Bungalow Terrace.


Many residents paint their bungalows bright colors.


Florida bungalows are usually called “craftsman bungalows.”


Photos by by AliveTampaBay.

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