Meet the Germ-Killing Robot That Will Keep Airplanes Cleaner

Tray table. Arm rest. Head rest. Bathroom door handle. Bathroom faucet. Toilet flush button.

What do these things have in common?

They’re all surfaces you find on an airplane, and they’re disgustingly filthy.

Cue GermFalcon UVC Airplane Cabin Sanitizer — a robot that will make your airplane cleaner.

As Mental Floss notes, “The robot looks like a snack trolley with two collapsible wings mounted on top. Metal arms outfitted with ultraviolet C light bulbs unfold above the seats and incinerate any bacteria that land in its path. An apparatus built above head-level shines the germ-zapping rays into the overhead bins. After scanning the aisles, the machine moves on to the bathrooms and galleys. Its creators claim that a five-minute cleaning from the GermFalcon eliminates over 99 percent of the bacteria, viruses, and superbugs that human hands may have missed.”

Check it out, in action, right here:


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