Mexico Is For Surfers — Where You Should Go

Vogue:  Surf’s Up: The Five Best Places to Catch a Wave in Mexico

The words Mexico and surfing might not immediately pair in your head. The country’s coastal holiday activities seem to revolve mainly around parties and lounging, especially so in Tulum, a fashion-flock favorite (designer Jason Wu, for example, was married in the beachfront Yucatan town just weeks ago). However, surfers have long prized Mexico and its thousands of miles of Pacific shoreline for its waves, be they chilled-out whitewater breaks for beginners or thudding pipelines for experts.

I’m no doubt a novice (and evidently quite awkward) surfer, but a recent trip to Sayulita, an enclave about 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, made me at least appreciate just how special Mexican surfing is, even if when only watching from the dunes. There’s something intangibly but wholly relaxing about being out on the water at sunset, groms (kid surfers) swimming circles around you and pelicans diving, and knowing a margarita made with tequila produced in nearby Guadalajara awaits you onshore. Newcomers and experts, recreation seekers or pros: Mexico has the wave for you.


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