New Ink for Old Tattos

The New York Times: A Face-Lift for Tattoos

Jo Galvis was 15 years old when she got a tattoo on the center of her lower back. She had been fighting with her family and living at a friend’s house. What better way to infuriate her parents?

Ms. Galvis, who now is 29 and lives in Queens, grew up in Colombia, where she just walked into a tattoo parlor in Bogotá and glanced at a sheet of paper crammed with popular design choices that hung on the wall.

She liked one design of a Japanese character (the meaning of which she did not know) and a tribal tattoo with a black curvy design (the cultural meaning of which she did not know). She chose the latter and had it placed at the center of her lower back. “I didn’t think very much about what I was getting,” Ms. Galvis said. — The New York Times


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