The First 100 Days

President Joe Biden/Image by Tibor Janosi Mozes from Pixabay

On the Point commentary by Greg C. Truax

A president’s first 100 days.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the phrase “first hundred days” in a radio speech about legislation that launched the New Deal.

So how is President Biden faring at his first 100-day benchmark?

Opinion polls show his job rating over the 50 percent mark. For example,  a recent national NBC News poll of 1,000 adults. It records the president’s job rating at 53 percent.  This compares to 40 percent for Donald Trump, 61 percent for Barack Obama and 57 percent for George W. Bush at their 100 days.

How to improve? Rather than rhetoric by the President, it’s time he comprises with congressional Republicans, placing  American unity as job one of his administration.      

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Greg C. Truax is a documentary filmmaker and publisher of AliveTampaBay. His On the Point commentaries air weekly on WHBO 1040 AM.

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