Amazon’s Latest Fashion Innovation

The Trend Spotter:  Top International Fashion News of the Week | 25.06.17

From Amazon’s latest fashion innovation to Versace’s star-studded streetwear collaboration, these are the top international fashion news stories of the week.

Amazon’s ‘Prime Wardrobe’ Threatens the Future of the Fitting Room

Since technology began its reign and online shopping grew increasingly popular across the globe, the classic brick and mortar fashion store has retained one edge over its online competitors. Namely, the ‘try before you buy’ concept. This notion comes hand in hand with in-store fitting rooms and is one guaranteed way to draw in customers. Now, Amazon has unveiled a new feature that pairs the ‘try before you buy’ philosophy with the ease of online shopping. The Amazon ‘Prime Wardrobe’ allows its customers to order between 3-15 items of clothing from Amazon Fashion at no upfront cost. Yes, you read correctly, ordering is free. These items will then be delivered in a box to the customer’s doorstep (for free). Finally, they will then have one leisurely week to decide whether to buy or return the clothes.

Although the Amazon service is currently in beta stages, following its announcement, shares in Macy’s, Nordstrom, Boohoo, and Asos fell. When technology entered the world, people feared that robots would one day rule. It appears, however, that Amazon will do so instead.

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