A Fashion for Silk Scarves

The New York Times:  London — and Paris and New Delhi — in Silk Scarves

LONDON — Nearly five years ago, the textile designer Helen Chatterton was searching for a way to celebrate London. She had been fashioning men’s and women’s scarves with materials like tweed from Scotland and velvet from France but needed a way to create pieces with more of a London DNA for an exhibition of handmade British crafts that the OXO Tower gallery planned.

Then she remembered the maps that she and her husband, Mark, had collected over the years.

“When we got married in 1983, we had no money and we used this 1949 street atlas of London to go and look at flats,” she said recently during a telephone interview from Liverpool, where they now live. “Of course, half of London had been knocked down by then, and we got lost a lot.”

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