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Add a touch of color to your everyday wardrobe with the classic Bleu de France/Image by S. B. from Pixabay

TheTrendSpotter: Fashion Week has finally returned, and there’s plenty of inspiration that we’re taking from it. This season’s Haute Couture Fashion Week was full of new surprises and the return of go-to favorites, blending timeless and bold styles. Swapping out tracksuit pants for flared trousers, gray sweatshirts for bright blues and yellows, and slippers for brogues, the street style was turned up to an 11 this year. From vivid pops of color to chunky platforms and eye-catching handbags, there is something here that is sure to excite you. It’s time to start dressing to the nines once again. We’ve curated eight top fashion trends from Haute Couture Fashion Week that you should definitely try!

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