Hey, Men, Try on These Boots

The Trend Setter:  The Best Boots for Men in 2016

There is no footwear quite like boots to make you feel as though you’ve worked a hard day’s slog. Even if your day has consisted of lounging around, a good pair of boots will make you look as though you’ve been out and about making things happen. Finding the right pair for you can be a challenge. Some styles are too rugged and masculine for your personality, others too subtle for your wardrobe that’s full of ‘statement pieces’.


You seem to instinctively know when you stumble across the boots that are right for you. Not only do they feel right and look right, but they also somehow reflect your character. But at their most basic level, they can just make an outfit look way more badass.


Unlike many other shoe styles, good boots are meant to last. They can stand up to the mistreatment of being worn every day throughout winter and look all the better for it. So it makes sense to invest in a reputable boot brand. This is your guide to the best boots for men you need to know today.


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Greg C. Truax - Publisher
David R. Wheeler - Contributing Editor
Joe Registrato - Contributing Editor

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