When Men and Women ‘Wear Everything’

The New York Times:  Women Who Prefer Men’s Wear

Two fashion bloggers stood side by side at the Stampd presentation during the second day of New York Fashion Week: Men’s. Each wore a crisply tailored suit with white sneakers that appeared to have been spared an encounter with the street.

Meet Danielle Cooper, 31, a former professional basketball player from California who runs the blog She’s a Gent, and Sara Geffrard, 24, a former dancer from Haiti and the woman behind A Dapper Chick.

“When I wear a suit, I feel like I can do things I would not otherwise do,”Ms. Geffrard said. “I’m a very, very shy person, but if I’m in a suit, I feel very confident. I feel like I can talk to whoever. Otherwise I would walk in and feel sort of small.”  — The New York Times

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