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The Trend Spotter:  Top International Fashion News of the Week | 18.06.17

From Louboutin’s bike polo tournament to Hermès dip-dyeing pop-up store, these are the top international fashion news of the week.

Hermès Laundromat Dyes to Bring New Life to Old Scarves

Sometimes all it takes is a good wash to make an old garment feel new again. This week, therefore, Hermès has taken this idea in a creative new direction. The fashion house has opened a Laundromat inspired pop-up store, ‘Hermèsmatic’, to dip-dye Hermès famous silk scarves. The store gives customers the ability to bring their beloved scarves in for a fresh, complementary colour update. Colour options on offer include fuschia, violet, or blue.


Hermès is known across the globe for their high-quality artistry. Each of their stunning patterned scarves is the result of hundreds of hours of work. Consequently, when it came to designing the interior for the luxury laundromat, no detail was overlooked. As a result, Hermès signature orange washing machines sit ready to complete the dip-dye transformation. Additionally, there are matching designer laundry baskets, and walls tattooed with the Hermès logo. As is the case with all good things, the pop-up stores will only last for a limited time. After debuting in New York from the 14th to 18th of June, they will then move on to D.C, Nashville, and finally, L.A.


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