The White Shirt — Anything But Buttoned Down

The New York Times:  The Shirt Is a Flirt

The white shirt, long a standard-bearer of starchy propriety, has taken on an improbably sexy, even kinky, persona this season.

On their spring runways, fashion progressives like Alexander Wang and Shayne Oliver of Hood by Air tweaked and twisted the old-school staple into forms that bore little resemblance to its source.

A canvas for all manner of experimentation, white shirts asserted an unlikely allure at Monse, where they appeared again this season in loose thigh-length interpretations with louche slip-and-slide necklines. They were split in two at Alexander Wang, their lower halves transformed into miniaturized button-front skirts; they were giddily ruffled at the waist and on the cuffs at Tome.

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