Intrigue on Tap at Golden Globe Awards — Video: Sneak Peek with Jimmy Fallon

The New York Times:  What to Watch For at the Golden Globes

The awards season gets down to business

The Globes offer plenty of intrigue.

A win by Mel Gibson, nominated for his direction of the World War II drama “Hacksaw Ridge,” would drop jaws and allow him to elbow into the Oscar race after a decade as a Hollywood outcast. Several little-seen art films, including the coming-of-age drama “Moonlight,” nominated for six trophies, and “Lion,” an adoption tear-jerker with four nominations, are hoping for a box-office-boosting blast of attention.

Golden Globes 2017 – First Look (Sneak Peek) Video courtesy NBC.

Movies get most of the scrutiny at the Globes because of their proximity to the Academy Awards. (Oscar nomination ballots are due on Friday.) But the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the group behind the Globes, has worked in recent years to make its television honors more relevant by leaning into rookie shows like “The Affair” and “Transparent.” Will the Netflix royal drama “The Crown” be anointed this year?

Most awards prognosticators are betting it will. But never mind the trophies: Hollywood spent most of the week fretting about weather. Rain is forecast for Sunday, threatening a repeat of the 2010 Globes ceremony, when the red carpet turned into a swamp, and bedraggled assistants with golf umbrellas became the accessory of choice. And the award for most wilted hairdo goes to …?


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