Jody Foster Directs As Julia Roberts And George Clooney Dazzle In Thriller ‘Money Monster’

Money Monster Official Trailer #1 (2016) George Clooney, Julia Roberts Thriller Movie HD

Vanity Fair:  Jodie Foster on Making Julia Roberts Her Money Monster Hero

Jodie Foster was 13 when she first attended the Cannes Film Festival, in 1976, forTaxi Driver, which won the Palme d’Or. And according to festival legend, the actress upstaged Martin Scorsese and co-star Robert De Niro by using her fluency in French to translate questions during the film’s press conference.

“I might have,” Foster chuckles when asked whether this anecdote is true on the phone last week. “I vaguely remember that everybody got a kick out of the fact that I spoke French and knew what everyone was saying.”

Exactly 40 years later, the Oscar-winning actress returns to the Croisette this week with her own film, Money Monster, her most ambitious directorial project to date. The Wall Street thriller stars Hollywood heavyweights Julia Roberts and George Clooney; resolves a multi-billion-dollar Wall Street heist in real time; and manages to get justice for the everyman underdog swindled out of his savings in a tight 98 minutes. But perhaps the most noticeable triumph in this film, which hits multiplexes at the same time as the famously male-centric summer-movie slate, is that its females get to be the problem solvers.

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