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The New York Times:  The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO in March

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At the beginning of every month, subscription streaming services add a new batch of movies and TV shows to their libraries. Here are the titles we think are most interesting, broken down by service. Everything mentioned was scheduled to begin streaming on March 1, unless otherwise indicated.

 New to Netflix

‘Blazing Saddles’

A black sheriff (Cleavon Little) in an intolerant town enlists the help of a recovering sharpshooter (Gene Wilder) to track down the real villain, an exploitive state attorney (Harvey Korman). This 1974 comedy classic by Mel Brooks satirizes Western movies (and their racist undertones) with pun-laden names, slapstick and pop-culture references.

‘Midnight in Paris’

Gil (Owen Wilson), a screenwriter in Paris trying to write his first novel, romanticizes the Jazz Age to the (reasonable) annoyance of everyone around him. Then he discovers a loophole in time that allows him to bar hop with the artistic luminaries of the Lost Generation. Fun cameos abound in this escapist Woody Allen comedy, including Tom Hiddleston as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Kathy Bates as Gertrude Stein, Corey Stoll as Ernest Hemingway and Adrien Brody as Salvador Dalí. (Add it to your Watchlist.)

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