Warren Beatty, the Epitome of Hollywood, Has a New Film

The New York Times:  Warren Beatty Wants Six Hours of Your Time. Or More.

LOS ANGELES — Lest there be any question about whether, at 79, Warren Beatty is still a force of nature, the interview for this article lasted more than six hours. Mr. Beatty could have kept going, but I, in exhaustion, begged off. “As you have learned,” Mr. Beatty said, as we emerged on a golden midsummer evening from his Beverly Hills mansion, where we had spent most of the day, “I bleed people dry.”

We had first met a few weeks earlier, in mid-July. Mr. Beatty’s new film, “Rules Don’t Apply” (opening Nov. 23), was screened for a group of journalists at 20th Century Fox in Midtown Manhattan. This storied writer-director-actor and Casanova turned househusband showed up unannounced and had attendees gather around him in the lounge, like courtiers. — The New York Times

In 1981, Beatty starred with Dianne Keyton in ‘Reds,’ a film he also                                          co-wrote, produced and directed.  The video captures the famous train station scene.

At the AFI tribute to Warren Beatty: In recalling the landmark film, ‘Reds,’ Diane Keaton talked about the famous reunion-at-the-train-station scene near the films end. Its my favorite few minutes of anything I’ve done on film, Keaton said, which is saying a lot. She said of Warren Beatty, who directed her, I didn’t make it easy for him. She said that she wore a Walkman (you remember — the tape kind) blasting Bob Dylan to block out all your direction. It was take after take till I finally got it. Keaton continued: Its the memory of the kind of love I never imagined possible in the movies. On that train station in Spain, where the scene was filmed, Keaton said, it was the sweet anguish of love when I saw your face.

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