At Red Cloud, New Works by D. Yael Kelley

Currently on exhibit at Red Cloud are new works by D. Yael Kelley.

“As a painter, the story I have to share is experienced through the impressions of color and form,” Kelley notes on the Red Cloud website. “I hope the experience is like my Grandmother’s stories. They held my brother and me intent and captive, waiting for the next animal to appear, the next landscape to fully unfold before us. Her stories had many layers, twists and turns. It is the same in my paintings.”

D. Yael Kelley comes from an eclectic background with all sides of her family in the U.S. prior to the Revolutionary War. She is of Cherokee, Irish and German ancestry.

Red Cloud’s website notes, “Born in Ohio and growing up in Florida, she has also lived in England, Arizona and Texas. While living in England she attended Suffolk College of Art and Design. Her career in the arts spans more than 40 years as a professional painter and arts administrator working in the visual arts, museums and theatre. She is a past president and artist in residence of the Center for Contemporary Arts of Abilene and past vice-president of the Texas Visual Arts Association. She is a past chairman of the City of St. Petersburg Arts Advisory Committee, and currently Treasurer of the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance. Represented by Red Cloud Indian Arts Gallery, her works are in collections throughout the United States and abroad.”

Red Cloud is located at 214 Beach Drive NE in St. Petersburg.

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