Is Bidenomics Working?

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The economy is daunting for many Americans.

This is Greg C. Truax with OnThePoint.

While President Biden champion’s his economic agenda, dubbed Bidenomics, an eye-popping 60 percent of Americans in an ABC News poll disapprove of his economic management. 

Core inflation underscores this discontent, now at a 3.8 percent annual increase.

Alarmingly, U.S. credit card balances have surged to a record $1.13 trillion. Delinquencies are on the rise, signaling widespread financial strain. This distress is compounded by soaring auto and student loan balances, each hitting $1.6 trillion.

These trends highlight the deepening economic challenges, especially for younger and lower-income Americans — financial realities the President’s happy talk seems to ignore.  This is Greg C. Truax.  

Greg C. Truax is president of GCTMediaGroup, a film production studio, online magazine publisher, radio commentator, and creator of written and broadcast opinion commentary.

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