Who Will Foot the Bill?

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On the Point commentary by Greg C. Truax airs weekly on WHBO 1040 AM

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

That old adage means you can’t get something for nothing.

But there are free lunches  — the impression left by President Biden and leading liberal Democratic  voices like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

They don’t talk about roiling up your selves, getting a job, hard work and thrift. 

Rather, they want to tax and borrow and freely spend on multi-trillion-dollar programs for all sorts of targeted groups they deem worthy.

Who will pay for the European-style social-welfare state Democrats want enacted? High earners?  Well, the top one percent of income earners already pay 40 percent of federal income taxes.

Like in Europe, the Democrats will soon be looking to younger people and the middle class to foot the ever-growing bill.

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Greg C. Truax is a documentary filmmaker and publisher of AliveTampaBay. His On the Point commentaries air weekly on WHBO 1040 AM.

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