Extra! Bring Your Mobile Device

A Starbucks newspaper rack in Tampa/Photo by Greg C. Truax
Starbucks coffee shops will soon stop selling newspapers at its 8,600 company shops in the USA, which have been offering for sale The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and certain local newspapers. Starbucks has carried The New York Times reportedly since 2000 and other papers since 2010. The Pew Research Center reports that the “estimated total U.S. daily newspaper circulation (print and digital combined) in 2018 was 28.6 million for weekday and 30.8 million for Sunday, down 8 percent and 9 percent, respectively, from the previous year. Weekday print circulation decreased 12 percent and Sunday print circulation decreased 13 percent.” However, more news is now consumed digitally, so bring your trusty digital device on your next trip to a local Starbucks, which offers free Wifi, and read your favorite newspaper online with your hot cup of morning coffee. — Greg C. Truax

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