Here’s an Idea: Read the Bills

U.S. Senator Rand Paul/Photo courtesy of his office.
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By Greg C. Truax

Here’s an idea:  Congress should read the bills.

Recall that on a recent late night Congress released a bill with a $1.5 billion dollar price tag.  Members of the U.S. House proceeded   to vote on the 2,741-page bill just a few hours later; then sent it to the Senate to quickly pass.

Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul asks this important question:  Do you really think Congress is filled with speed readers capable of digesting thousands of pages in a matter of hours? 

Senator Paul has previously introduced “Read the Bills.” The resolution would provide sufficient time for lawmakers to actually read and review legislation before they vote.  

More transparency means our taxpayer dollars will be more efficiently spent.

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Greg C. Truax is a documentary filmmaker, news commentator and publisher of AliveTampaBay.

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