Here’s Where Your Letters to Santa Go

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

According to folklore, in 1856, with the Christmas season quickly approaching, a small community of people in southern Indiana applied for a post office to be built under the name Santa Fe.

“To the townspeople’s surprise, the application was returned stating that the name Santa Fe, Indiana was already taken,” notes Travel and Leisure. “Weeks later on a cold December night in a small church, they debated alternative names for the town. A gust of wind abruptly swung the door open and bells could be heard ringing in the distance. Inside a child excitedly shouted, ‘It’s Santa Claus!'”

The name stuck, and now Santa Claus, Indiana, receives thousands of handwritten letters from children each year. A group of dedicated volunteers, known as Santa’s elves, respond to them.

The town is also home to the theme park Holiday World. To read more about Santa Claus, Indiana, check out Travel and Leisure.


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