Which Retro Heartthrob Is Your Valentine?

By Jessica Wheeler, AliveTampaBay Columnist

If you miss the days of reading 16 Magazine, look no further—we’re here to help you decide who should be your Valentine! Here are a dozen bachelors for you to choose from. We’ve helpfully provided a list of pros and cons to make your decision an easy one. Listen closely, and by the end of this article you’ll know which of these guys is THE ONE. Read on, girl!

Ricky Nelson

Bachelor No. 1 is a heartthrob with a role on his family’s television show, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Pros: Ricky is talented and oh-so-charming—some people are even saying he’s the new Elvis Presley! Cons: You would definitely have to like having his family around, because they’ll be around a lot.


The Monkees

Next up are four bachelors who’ve stolen the hearts of girls everywhere with their self-titled television show! They’ve already scored a bunch of number one hits, but will they be No. 1 in your heart? Pros: There are four of them, so you’d be able to take your pick. Cons: There are four of them, so you would have to take your pick.



David Cassidy

Here we have the ultimate dreamboat, and star of the Partridge Family, David Cassidy! Pros: David is a gifted singer and would probably serenade you if you asked. Cons: He wears those ruffled shirts a lot. Like, maybe too much.


Bobby Sherman

Hit recording artist Bobby Sherman makes the girls scream and the boys jealous. This gentleman would show you a good time and still have you home by 9 pm. Pros: Look at that head of hair! Cons: Actually, the hair.



Donny Osmond

Little Donny Osmond is most famous for singing with his brothers and his sister Marie, but he could be the solo star of your heart. Pros: Nice, white teeth — and look at those suits! Cons: His teeth might glow in the dark. That seems like it should be a con.


Michael Jackson

This Motown sweetheart is the lead singer of the Jackson 5, and is starting to branch out on his own with hits like “Ben.” Pros: Would definitely dance with you, and would probably let you pet his giraffe. Cons: Um…



Shaun Cassidy

David’s little brother is no slouch! Shaun is hip, young and a great singer in his own right. Pros: The feathered hair, the white jumpsuits. Cons: Don’t let him know that you ever had a thing for his brother.



John Travolta

Star of Welcome Back Kotter, John Travolta is poised to become a superstar. Pros: He can act, he can sing, he can dance, and just look at those baby blues! Cons: Famous for playing a sweathog. If you can get past that, this is your guy.



Leif Garrett

Cute little Leif Garrett is burning up the disco charts with his latest hit. Pros: Pretty blond hair, pretty smile. Cons: Maybe just too pretty?



Rick Springfield

Rick stars on General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake, and is taking the pop charts by storm with a string of hits. Pros: He’s not a teenager, so he probably has some experience. Cons: Make sure he doesn’t actually have a friend named Jessie, or you might have some competition.


New Kids on the Block

This fabulous fivesome are hangin’ tough in the hearts of teens everywhere. Pros: Whether you like nice guys or bad boys, there’s a New Kid for you. Cons: What cons?


Backstreet Boys

Their sweet harmonies and sweeter dance moves have made the Backstreet Boys the hottest boy band around. Pros: There’s a Backstreet Boy suitable for everyone! Even Howie! Someone must like Howie best, right? Right? Cons: You might get stuck with Howie. Also, the questionable facial hair.


Jessica Wheeler is a columnist for AliveTampaBay.

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