Sadhguru, Best-Selling Author and Yogi, Will Teach Program in Tampa

Photo of Sadhguru courtesy of Isha Foundation.

Sadhguru,  a best-selling author who has reached over 100 million people worldwide through his yoga and meditation practices, will teach his Inner Engineering program in Tampa the weekend of April 29-30. It’s one of only two in-person appearances by Sadhguru in North America in 2017, with the second stop in Vancouver, British Columbia in May.

Organizers are expecting more than 2,500 people to attend the two-day program at the Tampa Convention Center, and more than 850 people have already signed up.

Sadhguru is recognized as a worldwide leader in the field of yoga and meditation, and is the founder of the McMinnville, Tennessee-based Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, a non-profit foundation  dedicated to raising human consciousness and fostering global harmony through individual transformation.

During Inner Engineering, Sadhguru will bring his wisdom and insights and teach his 21-minute practice, which can be done by anyone and is not only designed for seasoned yoga practitioners.

Sadhguru first visited Tampa last fall, appearing on stage with Tampa business leader and philanthropist Dr. Kiran Patel, who introduced him during the book tour for his New York Times best seller “Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy.”

“If your goal is to find peace and tranquility for yourself in a world consumed in chaos, Inner Engineering by Sadhguru is your answer,” said Dr. Patel, who is one of more than 200 local volunteers spreading the word in the Tampa Bay area about the upcoming visit by Sadhguru.

The Inner Engineering program requires attendees to complete seven online sessions, 60- to 90-minutes in length, in advance to lay the foundation for inner well-being and prepare them for the in-person program. Attendees are advised to sign up by April 15 to allow time for the online sessions.

To register for Inner Engineering, visit or call 813-413-1661.



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