The Safest Countries to Visit in 2017

Pictured above: Doha, Qatar. Courtesy of Pixabay.

Although some of these countries on this list might surprise you, here are the Top 10 Safest Countries to Visit in 2017, according to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report.

10. Qatar

Qatar is one of the top ranked countries in the Middle East, both in terms of safety and in the overall ranking. “There is a wide variety to do here: wander through Souq Waqif, visit Sheikh Faisal’s private museum at Al Samriya or jump over to the the man-made island, Pearl-Qatar,” writes Travel and Leisure.

9. Rwanda

In ninth place is Rwanda. Although the country doesn’t score well in all indicators (the terrorism index and rate of homicide are not as low as most others on this list), police response is reliable (sixth place), the business cost of terrorism is low (ninth place) and so are the business costs of crime and violence (fifth place). T&L writes, “It’s also home to some incredible natural wonders: tourists can visit a gorilla park on one side of the country and see giraffes and lions on the other.”

8. Switzerland

“Switzerland landed in eighth place for the safest city, and has also done well in the broader report, ranking as the 10th overall destination,” notes Travel and Leisure. Though their name is synonymous with neutrality, Switzerland offers anything but a bland experience. Ski the alps, bungee jump, or just stare at the grandeur of the Matterhorn.

7. Norway

In seventh place overall is Norway, with reliability of police ranking in fifth place and number of homicides ranking in 10th. “For a nature-focused visit, see the famous fjords or take a trip along one of the 18 national tourist routes; for more of a cultural experience, sip on craft beers and take a walk on the roof of Oslo Opera House,” notes T&L.

6. Singapore

Singapore comes out well-rounded in its safety scores: the cost of business crime and violence is quite low (seventh place), police reliability is high (fourth place) and the homicide rate is third lowest in the world. Visit museums, indulge in shopping, or wander alongside the colorful Peranakan houses.

For the remaining countries, see this list from Travel and Leisure.

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