Cunsthaus Presents ‘Four Quilts’

Through Nov. 11, you can still catch “Four Quilts,” a solo exhibition by Coulter Fussell at Cunsthaus.

This exhibition of abstract quilts “is a selection of quilts pulled from a much larger body of work spanning over the course of almost four years,” notes Cunsthaus. “The quilts selected for exhibition at CunstHaus represent a progression, which proceeded quilt by quilt in her exploration of combining used fabrics with the logic of abstract painting.”

Cunsthaus continues: “Fussell’s work opens the door to the mysteries and histories of worn, shredded, faded fabrics while balancing on the tightrope between the traditional wholeness of quilting composition and the focused nature of painting composition.”

Cunsthaus is housed at Tempus Projects, 4634 North Florida Avenue in Tampa.

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