Now at Tempus Projects: John Orth

This week, make sure to stop by Tempus Projects to see John Orth’s latest exhibition.

As the Tempus website notes, “Orth’s work offers the urgency of human gesture against a backdrop of inevitable evanescence and mystery. His sculptural work fuses organic and inorganic materials to create a hybridized world of sensuous artifice, in which the bright orange of a tangerine and an extension cord share a complex root system. These pieces invite the viewer to imagine squeezing, smelling, stroking them, yet they maintain the formal reserve of the catalogued and preserved. A shared visual language ripples across the surface of all participants, human and otherwise, as evidence of this exchange.”

Orth, an artist and musician living and working in New York City, recently received an MFA in sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is also a founding member of the band Holopaw, which released two recordings on the legendary label Sub Pop Records.

Tempus Projects is located at 4636 North Florida Avenue in Tampa.

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