A Look Back: Don’t Drop the Ball on New Year’s Eve

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Editors note:  As New Years Eve approaches, AliveTampaBay looks back to an article with photos we published last year by Correspondent Krista Lyons from Dec. 21, 2016. In the article, Krista offers timely tips on how to look your best on the big night out.

By Krista Lyons, AliveTampaBay Correspondent

Coco Chanel once said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” I think the same logic applies to ringing in the new year. Dress to the nines for the new year and you will remember that fabulous feeling, dress shabbily and you will remember what you wore.

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, whether you plan to greet the new year dancing, in the arms of the one you love, or around the house with friends, what you wear to ring in 2017 could set the tone for your whole year. So why not make it fabulous? Not only do you deserve a spectacular outfit for making it through 2016, but your style on Dec. 31 can help you shine brighter than the New York City ball.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to sport your most glamorous, glitzy looks as well as your favorite signature styles. Before you shop to consider the location of your New Year’s Eve celebration. Once you have a New Year’s Eve plan in mind, pop some champagne and try these on-trend styles.

Ringing in the New Year in a Formal Setting?

-Opt for Open Back Dresses

Forget plunging necklines: open back dresses are the perfect trend for a more formal celebration. The dramatic flare of open back dresses are both romantic and edgy, and are perfect for making a statement in a formal setting. Whether you opt for a long gown with an open back or a shorter cocktail dress that shows your oft hidden skin, this look is perfect for feeling glamorous.

One of the best ways to wear this look into the new year is by looking for shiny fabrics or heavier patterned fabrics. When you are wearing an open back dress that is a longer gown, heavier fabrics can help make sure it lays more evenly and properly, and will draw more attention to the back of the dress. Shorter dresses with an open back are on-trend in shiny or even shimmering fabrics. When you wear an open back dress, unless you have a necklace that hangs dramatically down the back, skip accessories that might section off your neck like necklaces or chokers. Instead, opt for dramatic dangling earrings.

Slip Into Something Silky

Silk dresses are classic and are a perfect dress for ringing in the new year in a formal way. One of the best silk styles is the off the shoulder or slip dress style. Not only does this dress take minimal effort to pull off, but you can get a shade to stand out. A personal favorite for wearing this style is to opt for a champagne colored silk slip dress to look more refreshing and happy than a glass of bubbly.

The other fabulous thing about silk is that you can accessorize with any style of jewelry that you love. Statement necklaces and long, sultry chains are a perfect pairing with these gowns, and you can choose shoes that add an extra pop. Silk dresses are like a blank canvas and they are formal enough to wear to a nice party, but comfortable enough that you will be comfortable and free all night.

Celebrating with Friends at a Party?

-Bring on the Sequins!

There are very few occasions where you can fully pull off full sequins: a sweet 16, a bachelorette party, and New Year’s Eve. Unlike bachelorette party sequins, however, celebrating the new year in sequins can be as sophisticated as it is fun.

The trick to wearing a fully sequined gown is in the accessories. Since the dress may tend to be a bit over the top, accessorize with plain black pumps and a plain black handbag. If you are not sure that you can fully commit to a sequined dress, sequined purses and shoes are a perfect pairing with your little black dress.

Covet a Convertible Dress

This dress is perfect for party hopping. The light, detachable skirt can be worn with the opening to the back or to the front, and if you end up in a more formal place than planned, you can take off the longer portion and are left with a beautiful, simple dress.

This dress looks best with taller shoes: pumps or strappy sandals are the most flattering. This dress also looks best in black or white — other colors may make it seem a little bit too matched.

Not Sure Where You’ll Be?

-Get Flirty with a Short Full Skirt

If you’re not quite sure yet where you will be ringing in the new year, especially if you know there is a possibility that you will swing by a swankier party, the short, full, flirty dress is perfect. The slight poof in the skirt makes it perfect for parties of all kinds, and there is a variety of fantastic fabrics that you can get this dress in. A thick silk fabric, patterned or plain, will look classy and timeless, especially when paired with flats. You will have the sophisticated Parisian look with minimal effort.

Short dresses with flared skirts can be made poofier by adding a tulle slip if you desire a fuller look, and tulle can be removed if you prefer a more sleek look. The flare of the skirt is especially flattering on the hips and tummy — and a huge bonus is that the length will help keep you cool while you dance the night away and watch fireworks.

Remember: don’t overdo it with too many accessories. This dress tends to speak for itself and works best with a classic pair of pearl earrings.

Go All Out with a Lace Up Front Dress

Even if you are sure where you are going, some parties feel like hybrids. You don’t want to show up to celebrate in a ball gown but you don’t want to come all decked out in glitter. Enter: the lace up dress.

There are so many styles of this dress that you can really find any neckline or design that you feel comfortable wearing without over-exposing your bust. Whether you want to lace up like a sneaker or just prefer a few laces to tie together in the front, this look can make you look both classy and daring. This was one of the hottest trends of 2016, so why not wear it into the new year?

This look needs almost no accessories and is available in any length — from gowns to cocktail dresses. It pairs perfectly with strappy gladiator style sandals and heels.

Still looking for ways to celebrate? Find out how to celebrate in style here.


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