The Fabulous Five: Meet The Gallery’s Current Artists

The Gallery in downtown St. Pete currently features work by Shane Bowden, Timothy Raines, Jason Brueck, Zeus, and Ari Robinson.

Here’s a little bit about each artist, courtesy of The Gallery’s website:

Shane Bowden

“Australian Shane Bowden is a multi-faceted modern artist creating his oeuvre in paintings and prints reminiscent of such pop icons as Warhol, Koons, and Hirst,” notes The Gallery’s website. “Currently, Bowden has developed 6 separate collections of work, delineated by genre to captivate individual tastes. Examples of such genres are graffiti, figure realism, abstract expressionism, and black & white print. Directed by an alter ego for each collection, Bowden has adopted various personas to fully explore the potential of each style that peaks his interest.”

Timothy Raines

“The vibrancy envisioned in a Timothy Raines painting parallels its real life counterpart,” The Gallery notes. “Luxury is the essence of his compositions, capturing movement and energy through color and shape. Many major brands and organizations depend on his skilled hand to promote their modern image. Athletics, automobiles, emblems, landscapes; Raines explores these subjects all through his iconic drops of paint, inspired by the controlled chaos of his technique that both represents and redefines distinctive style.”

Jason Brueck

“Jason Brueck is an emerging digital artist from Philadelphia, who recently relocated to South Florida to further pursue his art making,” says The Gallery’s website. “Brueck’s incentive is to bring the seemingly unimaginable into reality by creating photo-surrealist works that are open to multiple interpretations.”


“London artist Zeus has been drawing inspiration from urban culture to create dynamic, experimental compositions that have re-defined graffiti art,” The Gallery notes. “Captivated by the hip-hop scene of the 80s, he began expressing his creative talents on the street when he was just 14, using walls, trains, and open spaces as his galleries. Since then Zeus has continually pushed the boundaries of graffiti artistry, taking the form out of its traditional setting and into new, exciting and more formal places.”

Ari Robinson

“Ari Robinson is a mixed-media artist who currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, with a BFA in painting and sculpture,” The Gallery notes. “Her work is approached by a creative execution driven by process and spontaneity; focused on form, color, and energy. Informed with an intuitive sense of color and space, she then establishes the direction of each piece, layer by layer until the work feels grounded with a sense of fluidity. Color is a very important component in her works as it has the ability to evoke feelings of something transcendent or suggest a transcendent space.”

The Gallery is located at 200 Central Avenue, Suite 111, in St. Petersburg.


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