The Five Best Songs Inspired by Steve McQueen

Editors Note:  AliveTampaBay looks back to a story we earlier published on July 28, 2016

By Jessica Wheeler, AliveTampaBay Columnist

For someone who didn’t have a musical career, Steve McQueen sure has had a lot of songs written about him. Here, we continue our tribute to Steve McQueen by taking a look at the best songs inspired by this legendary star.

“Steve McQueen” by Sheryl Crow

Crow invokes McQueen to convey an essence of cool, and the desire for freedom: “Like Steve McQueen, all I need’s a fast machine and I’m gonna make it alright,” she sings. The video contains a tribute to Bullitt’s famed car chase scene.


“Steve McQueen” by Drive-By Truckers

“When I was a little boy I wanted to grow up to be Steve McQueen,” the rough and tumble Drive-By Truckers tell us in their singalong tribute. “As cool as Paul Newman is, I bet Steve could whup his head.”


“Jimmy Dean and Steve McQueen” by Julian Velard

This catchy pop tune by Julian Velard mentions many pop culture figures, but two heroes stick out: “If I could pick two guys to have on my side, it would Jimmy Dean and Mr. Steve McQueen.”


“Steve McQueen” by M83

While the lyrics to the song don’t mention him by name, they evoke the spirit of independence and exuberance present in Steve McQueen’s greatest moments on-screen. “I woke up stronger than ever, driven by big waves of fire. To run and yell all the way, nothing can hurt me today.”


“You and Steve McQueen” by the Audreys

The Audreys sing about a “gorgeous thing” who might only be matched by a certain movie star: “Well, at least, it’s between you and Steve McQueen,” they explain.


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