‘Migration’ Exhibition by Artist Bekky Beukes Opens in Tampa on July 27

Artist Bekky Beukes in front of her work “HYBRID”/Photo by Sandra Bourne courtesy of the artist.

By Greg C. Truax, Publisher

It will be a celebration at the Rialto Theatre the evening of July 27 when accomplished artist Bekky Beukes offers a first-ever show of her entire collection under one roof.

The Tampa-based artist said she is “excited to have four years of work in one space, like a visual journal.  The process is how I unpack and release varying degrees of extreme emotion and memories are attached like snapshots to each piece. I want to see the work together to observe my technical growth and I look forward to sharing this visual reminder of what each piece has taught me, about being human,”  Ms. Beukes said.

The “Migration” exhibit will feature “lavishly” framed, embellished canvas reproductions of the sold-out originals.  They will be available for purchase.  Guests visiting the exhibit will  stroll through the past four years of  Ms. Beukes’ personal and creative journey as they view work  by the artist displayed according to time of completion.

The artist has also produced a series of graphite originals for the exhibition.

The show finale is a piece titled ‘ANTITHESIS’,  which will be unveiled at the opening reception.  The 6 feet by 4 feet original by the artist  represents the work she plans to focus on during her one-year study period.

The event is hosted by 8-Count Productions at the Rialto, a theatre of old brick walls and painted plaster located at 1617 N Franklin St in Tampa. The opening reception,  from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on July 27, is a formal cocktail event featuring local vinyl talent DJ “Boomerang.”  The show will run by appointment through August.

Cropped images on the banner from left:  “RESOLUTE/GHOST/SINNER/THREE/PHOENIX/ZEBRA”/By Beckk Beukes/Courtesy of the artist.




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