A Lemur at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa

Lemurs — a Latin word for “ghost” —  are really unique creatures.   Lemurs, a link to ancient primates, are native to the island of Madagascar.  Their round eyes and mysterious nature quickly attract attention, just like this one at the Florida Aquarium in downtown Tampa.

Photo by Carla Mogan

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Carla Mogan has been living in and photographing around Pinellas County for over 18 years. Her unique take of Pinellas County’s parks, beaches, bridges, sunrises, and sunsets show all that the county has to offer. Her minimalist approach employs inexpensive equipment and no editing software.  Carla, who believes the art of photography is created in the artist’s eye,  also lends her lens to help adoptable pets find forever homes at Pinellas County Animal Services. When not roaming Tampa Bay, Carla can be found wandering between the Amazon and the Andes, procuring original arts and crafts for her business, Amazon To Andes. She also runs guided tours over the summer, throughout Ecuador, for those who wish to see the rare flora and fauna and experience the Andean culture. 


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