In the Florida Sun? Find a Sunscreen that’s Right for You

Vogue:  10 Vogue Editors Share Their Favorite Sunscreens

Competing with the perfect body oil or coconut-scented surf spray for a spot in the cramped inner sanctum of your summer beauty arsenal, it’s a given that you’ll be devoting prime real estate to a serious broad-spectrum sunscreen—especially if you’re headed to Rio for the Olympic Games. And as any diligent year-round SPF slatherer knows, finding the right kind of UV protection—one that smells like a day at the beach, melts right into the skin, or can last through the occasional deckside cannonball—is a beautiful thing indeed. From stealthily SPF-spiked makeup to whisper-light fluids that double as a favorite moisturizer, here are the skin savers that Vogue editors would pack for Rio, a long weekend upstate, and all points in between. — Vogue

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Greg C. Truax - Publisher
David R. Wheeler - Contributing Editor
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