Arguing Politics: There’s a Better Way

The Atlantic has a great video explaining the difference in rhetorical appeals between liberals and conservatives. The take-away: If you’re conservative and you want to persuade a liberal, argue from the liberal’s framework. If you’re liberal and you want to persuade a conservative, argue from the conservative’s framework.

Conservatives love patriotism and loyalty; liberals love care and equality.

According to The Atlantic, “Liberals and conservatives have fundamentally different moral codes, which makes arguing about policy complicated. Many people have found themselves locked in debates surrounding the now-suspended travel ban, with little success in convincing the other.”

In the video, Atlantic writer Olga Khazan notes, “One reason it’s so hard to reach across the ideological divide is that people tend to present their arguments in a way that appeals to the ethics of their own side, rather than that of their opponents.”

“At the very least, you can avoid making things worse,” says Khazan. “If you can’t reframe your argument, just get off Facebook.”

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