‘Decade of Change’ Transforms Visitors Back to the ’20s

The Tampa Bay History Center in Tampa/Image courtesy of the center.

Tickets are on sale now for the Tampa Bay History Center’s latest temporary exhibition.

Decade of Change: Florida in the 1920s,” an exhibition curated by Brad Massey, Ph.D., Saunders Foundation Curator of Public History, continues its run at the Tampa Bay History Center in Tampa. The temporary exhibit transports visitors back to an era marked by bootleggers, flappers, and a transformative wave of social, political, and cultural shifts.

Decade of Change,” which opened Nov. 4, “offers a fascinating exploration of Florida’s first modern decade. From the lively jazz tunes of the Roaring Twenties to the architectural evolution witnessed in the construction of bungalows and Mediterranean Revival-style homes, the exhibition provides a snapshot of the diverse facets that defined Florida in the 1920s,” according to the center located at 801 Water Street in downtown Tampa 

“One of the interactive elements in the show will teach visitors how to do the Foxtrot while boogying to ‘You Better Keep Babying, Baby,’ a 1920’s hit,” said Massey. 

The 1920s marked the rise of the motoring tourist, and the exhibition sheds light on this transformative trend. With approximately 2.5 million tourists visiting Florida in 1925 alone, the display showcases the evolution of transportation and the establishment of motorist camps, including Tampa’s historic DeSoto Park.

About the Tampa Bay History Center

Located on Tampa’s Water Street, the Tampa Bay History Center includes three floors of permanent and temporary exhibition space focusing on 12,000 years of Florida’s history and culture

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