Make Your Sunday Brunch “Egg-cellent”

Food and Wine offers 41 brilliant breakfast ideas for all you egg lovers out there. Weren’t you just thinking today would be a good day for an egg brunch? We’ve got you covered — scattered, smothered, and covered, that is.

Click here to see the options, ranging from soft-boiled Scotch eggs to breakfast banh mi sandwiches.

Soft-boiled Scotch eggs: “A common picnic and party dish in the UK, Scotch eggs were likely first inspired by the Indian and Pakistani dish nargisi kofta, which encases a hard-boiled egg in spicy ground meat. This soft-boiled approach presents an unexpectedly tender egg yolk within a crispy exterior.”
Breakfast banh mi sandwich: “This outstanding Vietnamese banh mi includes duck pâté and spicy pickles along with, less conventionally, five-spice-flavored bacon and a fried egg.”


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