St. Pete’s Creative Energy Captured by the Sunshine City’s Murals

Hannah J. Farrow in front of “You Are My Sunshine” mural by Jeffrey Sincich and Josh Stover/Photo courtesy of Jamie Ferree

By Hannah J. Farrow, AliveTampaBay Correspondent

A walk down Central Ave. in St Pete is filled with action—people walking from bar to coffee shop to Daddy Kool Records, enjoying Florida’s weather and the city’s creative energy. Amongst all the movement, however, there’s something that makes you stop: the intricacy and beauty of the murals painted on many of the city’s buildings.

This week’s mural spotlight goes out to a work that recalls a simpler time: “You Are My Sunshine” by Jeffrey Sincich and Josh Stover, located at 719 Central Ave. in the Suncoast city’s central business district.

Inspired by a Brooklyn artist who created a series of murals in Philadelphia and New York City called “A Love Letter to the City,” artists Sinich and Stover chose the phrase “You Are My Sunshine,” to reflect the Sunshine City.

“We wanted to use a phrase that was positive and uplifting, and one that would make people smile and brighten their day,” Sincich said.

Whether you stop to take a photo in front of their uplifting mural, or to sing the rest of the lyrics of the song in your head (or out loud), artists Sincich and Stover accomplished what they set out to achieve.

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