4 Winter Fashion Trends for 2017

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By Krista Lyons, AliveTampaBay Correspondent

Winter fashion: Is there anything more confusing for a Floridian? While our neighbors to the north are pulling out their parkas and dusting off their deerskin coats, it is easy to wonder what to wear to take us from summer and fall outfits to winter without causing a heat stroke.

Whether you are traveling to a colder climate this winter or are spending the holidays in Tampa’s warmer weather, there are four trends that can take you from fall to winter while making you feel fabulous.

Camel Coats and Trench Coats

The camel coat is one of the most versatile coats for this season. The color matches nearly everything, from date night to a day in the office. It is also a style that can be worn open or closed, giving you a breath of cool air or warmth when you need it. The camel coat is also style that never goes out of style, giving it longevity. Best of all, you can find a beautiful camel coat for under $200.

The trench coat is a classic, but in our climate, it can be a bit lighter than traditional coats while still providing the wintry look you love. Whether you opt for a long trench coat or a shorter style, it will last season after season and is one of the easiest trends to pull off.

Cropped Pants

It may seem counter-intuitive to wear cropped pants or even culottes during the winter, but it is a trend that works perfectly for our warmer climate and can also be warmed up if you plan to travel north. The trick to making this trend work is your footwear. Pair your cropped pants or culottes with warm mid-length boots and a faux fur coat for a dressed-up look that is perfect for date night or the work day.

For more laid-back days, pair your culottes with warm cable-knit socks, sneakers, and a sporty jacket and chunky scarf. This is a great style to wear with on-trend ankle-high boots as well and will make your legs appear longer — who doesn’t love that?

Layered Outfits

Layering your outfits is key this winter. Fashion experts agree that layering is not only the best way to bring different textures and elements into your outfit, but it is also a fantastic way to manage your body temperature as the weather heats up or cools down.

“Start with a lightweight tank, and add a long-sleeve shirt — silk or polyester for the professional, dressier occasion such as out to dinner, or cotton for a more casual affair such as running errands,” said Patty Soltis, managing partner at STYLEdge Fashion. “Add a sweater. Cashmere is the lightest weight and will keep you warm. Cotton is typically a little heavier and cooler. Throw on a jacket — leather is an excellent option.”

Colorful Scarves

Accessories can make your outfit stand out as winter-wear. A scarf doesn’t have to be thick if you plan to spend the day in Florida’s faux winter. You can choose a sheer style with elements that make you smile. My favorite scarf is a simple tan scarf with a small cat outline pattern. It doesn’t have to be an intricate scarf as long as it makes you smile. Colorful scarves work well to bring a beautiful pop of color and happiness to these short winter days.

“So often it is too warm to wear your glorious scarves, but now is a great time to add that layer to your look,” said Soltis. “Most important, keep that pop of color somewhere in your look. Even if it is chilly, color is a must-have for the Sunshine State.”

Just because it doesn’t feel like winter in Florida doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy winter fashions. As long as you are comfortable and feel great, you can pull off any winter trend.

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