Salt and Pepper Color Looks Great

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TheTrendSpotter: Some people pay good money to have salt and pepper hair, but you may find that with age, your hair will naturally have this brilliant combination of gray, silver, and dark colors. It is one of the most effortlessly sexy options for older men and has been favored by some of Hollywood’s leading men because it is flattering, versatile, and masculine. Salt and pepper color looks great on all hair textures and types and complements all complexions. As we age, our hair growth rate naturally slows and the hair can become brittle or dry, which is why short hairstyles are often sought-after. But that is not to say you cannot embrace long hair or try disheveled styles for a carefree aesthetic. If you are looking for effortlessly cool ways to wear your salt and pepper hair, that is also practical, look no further than these ideas.

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